The 2016 Mid-South M.I.L.E. Seminar was a huge success

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Message from the Chairman

Long ago, Motorcycle Rights Organizations realized that the fight for freedom could not stop at state lines. We had to ban together and create a national effort to keep our freedom as well as regain the freedom of those lost in previous years. Now it is evident that international borders and oceans are no longer boundaries to totalitarian enactments.

The term globalization will become more familiar and threatening to our life-style as time goes on. Some aspects of this approach to unification have already become a reality.

If we think there is no need to pay attention to what happens halfway around the world, then the list of freedoms we have left will be no larger than today's world has become with instant communication and supersonic travel.

Once again we are fortunate to have a guest from Europe to give you first hand information about the severity of the motorcycle fight they have. Bart Cocquyt of the Motorcycle Action Group in Belgium, will present an eye opening report of what we may face in the near future.

Thirty years ago if you were told you would be able to fly to Europe in less time than it then took to fly coast-to-coast in the United States, you would have said, "Impossible." Today, that is a fact. So, why is it hard to believe that in the near future we will be fighting for the right to work on our own motorcycle?

The time has come!

-Dave Mann (1948-2016)

Mid-South M.I.L.E
Committee Chairman

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Mid-South M.I.L.E. Mission Statement

The goal of the Mid-South M.I.L.E. (Motorcyclists Improving Legislative Effectiveness) is to share ideas, techniques, strategies and enthusiasm using the format of an annual education seminar. This seminar provides an opportunity for motorcyclists rights group members to work together toward the preservation of motorcyclists freedoms through education.


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