History of Mid-South M.I.L.E.

Mid-South M.I.L.E. was first conceived in the winter of 1992 when over 100 dedicated individuals from the four state area (Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma) met in Joplin, Missouri at a small community center. The goal was to share ideas, techniques, strategies and enthusiasm and that goal was certainly accomplished. At the same time the need for more time and structure was seen. A seminar was proposed as an opportunity for motorcyclists rights group members to meet and benefit from each other's experiences and to begin working together toward a common goal; the preservation of our freedom as motorcyclists. The time had come to unite as brothers and sisters or perish as fools.

From these beginnings, Operation M.A.K.O. was conceived. A four state bus trip to Washington, D.C. to confront our individual legislators to take action on the Tenth Amendment State Rights concerning mandates from the Federal Government. In 1995 this event achieved a position in motorcycle rights history. A second trip occurred in February, 1996 with Arkansas and Kansas carrying on the M.A.K.O. tradition.

Texas came on board in 1997 and in 1998 Louisiana attended their first M.I.L.E.

Working in concert with all these states and their membership and furthering education in the area of legislation, we look forward to a successful interstate union for Mid-South M.I.L.E.

Mid-South M.I.L.E. Mission Statement

The goal of the Mid-South M.I.L.E. (Motorcyclists Improving Legislative Effectiveness) is to share ideas, techniques, strategies and enthusiasm using the format of an annual education seminar. This seminar provides an opportunity for motorcyclists rights group members to work together toward the preservation of motorcyclists freedoms through education.

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